Get Mortal Kombat XL for 81 percent off right now

There was a time when it seemed Mortal Kombat XL wasn't going to be coming to PC at all. We got it last year (opens in new tab) though, and it contains the base game plus the two Kombat Packs, which feature extra characters including Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, and The Predator. You can grab it for 81 percent off today on Bundle Stars (opens in new tab)

Mortal Kombat X came out in 2015, and other Matt's review (opens in new tab) back then said "it's batshit, obviously," but it was marred at the time by a wobbly PC port. Thankfully the problems have been fixed now, so we can all enjoy the gory fighting goodness. 

81 percent is a big discount, and saves you even more money than the 60 percent deal in the Steam Summer Sale going on at the moment. This deal ends in five days, so get it while it's hot. 

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