Get Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age DLC cheap

Mass Effect 2

Bioware points are going super cheap on one particular screen in the Bioware store. If you access the "add points" page through the Mass Effect 2 DLC section of the site, there's an option to buy up 1200 points for £4.33. Buy three lots of this and you'll have enough points to buy every single DLC episode, weapon pack and alternative skin pack available for Mass Effect 2. You'll be able to use these points to buy DLC for the Dragon Age games, too.

Here's a screenshot of the page you want. To get there, sign into the Bioware social site with your EA account and get to the Mass Effect DLC page like this:

Then pick a DLC pack and make your way to the checkout page. Click "add Bioware points" at the top and buy away. It could be an error. The 1200 points for £4.33 option isn't available on the Dragon Age page . As such, you might want to snap this one up quick before it gets changed.

Tom Senior

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