Get free access to the Nosgoth beta

Nosgoth 2

Not long ago we gave away 20,000 keys for the closed beta of Nosgoth—a multiplayer game set during an endless war between humans and vampires (which the vampires really ought to win, given their natural endlessness). The keys went faster than black puddings in a vampire rave, so we're back with 10,000 more! Pick a side and kill the other for justice and lols.

To get a key, simply enter your email address in the widget below. The keys will be raffled off in three days on Friday December 5 to 10,000 randomly selected email addresses. They'll even unlock an exclusive in-game skin for you. Good luck!

If you win a key, you can redeem it by typing it into the Nosgoth key redemption page. If you have any trouble redeeming your key, find help on the Nosgoth support page.

In addition to what's currently in the closed beta, developer Psyonix have recently been offering fans a sneak peek at upcoming features including details on the Summoner class—a race of decaying necromancers. They've also provided an early look at The Crucible, a map set deep in vampire-controlled territory. For more details, head to the game's official site.


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