Get eaten by a Megalodon for free this weekend in underwater battle royale Last Tide

Last Tide is an Early Access battle royale that, like The Little Mermaid, takes place under the sea. Players enter the arena in mini-subs, fire harpoons at each other, and avoid the closing circle of death that isn't comprised of poison gas but killer sharks. Speaking of sharks, Last Tide has just added the biggest one: the Megalodon. As you can see in the trailer above, it's really quite large! And you can get eaten by it for free, starting right now and lasting for the weekend.

You can also try to kill the Megalodon with your squadmates, which will reward you with a fancy divesuit called the Mecha-lodon. Some new weapons and divepod skins have been added in the update, as well as improvements and changes to the map and gear.

Austin had a look at Last Tide when it first launched into Early Access and had a good time, throwing shark-attracting chum grenades and getting bombed by jets that drop depth charges into the ocean. You can find Last Tide on Steam, where it normally sells for 15 bucks.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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