Get a taste of American Truck Simulator's New Mexico DLC

A lovely long drive down big desert roads underneath infinite blue skies sounds just perfect for this, the most miserable, damp time of year. Watching the New Mexico trailer for American Truck Simulator makes me almost forget that it’s October. 

SCS still haven’t announced a release date, but the developer wanted to get eyes on the trailer anyway. It’s presumably close, however. The blog post accompanying the trailer notes that the team are just adding the “finishing touches” to the DLC. 

As you might expect, the trailer is filled to the brim with big rigs, stunning canyons and lonely highways, but there are also occasional run ins with the law and even a plane crash that might cause a bit of a traffic jam. Silly plane, roads are for trucks. And cars, I guess, but they’re really just wee trucks. 

Here’s an anecdote from Andy Kelly’s American Truck Simulator review to whet your appetite: 

“I panic, my heart racing. In a long instant I think: is it a car? An animal? I slam on the brakes and skid to a lurching halt. Then I see it. A tumbleweed rolling lazily across the road in front of me, lit up by the glow of my lights. I laugh at myself and continue towards Los Angeles. I’ve got 30 tons of fertiliser to deliver, and time’s running out.”

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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