Get a Rosewill direct contact CPU cooler for $16

It's tough to beat Cooler Master's Hyper 212 Evo when it comes to inexpensive air cooling for your CPU. However, if you're looking for an cheaper solution, Newegg today is selling its Rosewill ROCC-16003 "high performance" cooler for $16.

There is no promo code or mail-in-rebate attached to this deal, just a straight-up discount. Normally a cheap cooler wouldn't catch our eye, but in this case Rosewill's unit seems well like, both in the limited user reviews available on Newegg  where three users gave it a perfect 5 out of 5 rating, and on Amazon where it's averaging 4 out 5 starts from 299 customer reviews.

Rosewill's cooler requires 123.7mm x 82.8mm x 148.7mm (LxWxH) of unobstructed space. It's made of a finned aluminum block with three copper heatpipes extending up on both sides. The heatpipes are flattened on the base to make direct contact with the CPU. A blue LED 92mm PWM fan rated at 41 CFM (plus or minus 10 percent) provides active cooling with a maximum noise rating of 25 dBA.

The cooler supports a wide range of modern sockets, save for AMD's new AM4 socket for Ryzen.

We couldn't find any professional evaluations of this cooler on the web, but at $16, it seems worth taking a shot if you're need of something inexpensive.

You can grab the Rosewill ROCC-16003 cooler on sale here.

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