Get a rapid-fire primer of what Destiny 2 is with this latest trailer

The original Destiny was never released for the PC, which means that there are likely a fair number of potential Destiny 2 players on the platform who may not have a very clear idea of what it's all about. And the new "What is Destiny 2?" trailer released today certainly doesn't fill in any of the gaps in the lore—Why is Nathan Fillion a robot? Why does Earth only have one city left?—but it does provide a nice, quick rundown of what you can look forward to in Bungie's upcoming loot-shooter. 

The short version is that Destiny 2 is an "action-shooter" that supports both solo and multiplayer action, including three-player strikes, six-player raids, four-on-four competitive battles, and soccer for some reason. (Which we actually already knew.) There will be three player classes to choose from—Warlock, Titan, and Hunter—each with unique abilities and "massive" battles, exploration, and story to dive into. No hugs, though. 

For a possibly-more-practical preview of what's ahead in Destiny 2, have a look at our comparison of the highest and lowest FOV settings in the Destiny 2 PC beta, which began today for people who have preordered the game. The beta hasn't got off to the smoothest start for everyone, but we've got our Best Men in and playing, and we'll have some thoughts on the experience for you as soon as we can. While you wait, why not check out our deep cut guide to the lore of Destiny, which does answer the big questions, or get Tim's thoughts on what it's like to spend endless hours on patrol in the new game.

Andy Chalk

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