Get a free week of Origin Access if you sign up before June 19

During the EA Play event today, CEO Andre Wilson announced that EA is donating a million dollars to anti-bullying charities. The donation stems from the recent Play to Give event, in which players could complete in-game challenges as a show of support between June 2 and 4. According to Wilson, over 5 million players took part.

As token of thanks, Origin Access can be tried out for free for 7 days. The service provides access to dozens of games that can be played without restriction, and a subscription also gives you a 10% discount on purchases made on Origin. 

Sign up before June 19, and you'll get 7 days to try out Origin Access for free. You do have to sign up for either a monthly or yearly subscription, but "Cancel anytime during your 7-day free trial and you won't be charged," the site says.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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