Get a free Tribes: Ascend Soldier Utility Pack


Update: We ran out, but then the lovely guys at Hi-Rez gave us 1000 more! They won't last long.

Tribes: Ascend is now in open beta (so go play, seriously), and in celebration of the wide release, Hi-Rez has graciously provided us with 1000 codes redeemable for the new Soldier Utility Pack (worth 240 GP), which can be upgraded to grant Soldiers an additional grenade slot, increased health, and faster running.

To deliver the codes (while they last), we've teamed up with our friends at GamesRadar. Head over to their giveaway page and log into (or create) a GamesRadar account--once you're logged in, the code will appear on the page. Then, if you're not already in the beta, head to to join, and redeem your code from the "Extras" menu in the game.

Happy skiing!


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