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Get a Cooler Master MasterBox 5 case and Hyper 212 LED cooler for $40

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Do you need a new case? Cooler Master's MasterBox 5 mid-tower is on sale for $55, with a $15 mail-in-rebate available to bring the cost down to $40. To sweeten the post, Newegg is is throwing in a free Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED air cooler.

The CPU cooler has a mail-in-rebate available as well, though after chatting with Newegg's customer service, we learned it would only be honored if buying the cooler by itself. We suppose you could try anyway (the rebates are through Cooler Master), just don't count on it happening.

That's OK, because $40 after rebate for the case and cooler is already a good deal. The case offers plenty of room for graphics (up to 410mm in length) and has nine mounting positions to install up to two 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drives and a single 2.5-inch drive. It also offers a fair amount of cooling, with 120mm fans pre-installed in the front and rear (one each), with room to add another in the front. You can also swap out the front fans for larger 140mm fans.

The cooler is a large chunk of finned aluminum with direct contact heatpipes running through it (not to scale in the image above). In our experience with Hyper 212 coolers, they provide a good balance between cooling performance and noise.

You can find this deal here (opens in new tab). When you add it to your cart, Newegg will automatically add the cooler as well, though double-check at checkout to make sure.

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