Get a Blue Yeti microphone and Ghost Recon Wildlands for $95

Part of being a good streamer means using a microphone that doesn't suck. The Blue Yeti falls into the 'doesn't suck' category, and you can pick one up for under $100 today.

The deal is courtesy of Ebay's 20 percent off promotion, using promo code PRIMO at checkout. It works on select items and requires a $50 minimum purchase, and the Blue Yeti linked below meets those requirements. It's listed for $118.95 by electronic_express (99.5 percent positive feedback), and with the discount, the total comes to $95.15.

That's close to the lowest price we've seen for this mic. This is for the blackout model, and it also comes with a download code for Ghost Recon Wildlands, so there's some added value there.

We consider the Blue Yeti to be the best microphone for most people, based on price and performance. It offers fantastic audio quality, is easy to set up, and is very adaptable.

Go here to grab this microphone.

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Paul Lilly

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