Get a 500GB Samsung 860 Evo SSD for $30 off, or with a free Google Home Mini

You might not know this, but Google has an Amazon-style online store called Google Express. It includes items from dozens of retailers, including Walmart, Target, Costco, Fry's, and others. Google has really been pushing people to try out Express, so much so that you can get a Samsung 860 Evo SSD at a great price.

The 500GB Evo 860 normally goes for $129.99. If you buy it from Fry's through Google Express, you can either get $30 off (making the price $99) by using the APPFUN30 coupon code at checkout, or get a free Google Home Mini (a $49 value) using the code FREEMINI. You can't use both, unfortunately.

The APPFUN30 code can only be used when ordering items from the Google Express mobile app (which is free on the Play Store and iOS App Store) and only works if you haven't used Express before. The only catch with the FREEMINI code is that your order has to be over $125, but luckily, the 860 Evo is $129.99.

You can buy the 860 Evo from Google Express here. It ships from Fry's, so stock may vary by location.

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Corbin Davenport

Corbin is a tech journalist, software developer, and longtime PC Gamer freelance writer, currently based in North Carolina. He now focuses on the world of Android as a full-time writer at XDA-Developers. He plays a lot of Planet Coaster and Fallout and hosts a podcast all about forgotten stories from tech history.