Get a 500GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD for $140

A few of Samsung's 850 Evo SSDs are on sale, so if you're looking for an excuse to upgrade your storage, this is it.

It can be a little tricky navigating SSD deals, as pricing tends to fluctuate based in part on the NAND flash memory market. Even so, Samsung's 850 Evo SSDs appear to be lower than usual right now at Amazon. Here's a look at current sale pricing, versus MSRPs:

The 120GB model is also on sale, but it's priced the same as the 250GB SKU, so you might has well go for the extra storage.

As for the actual discount, that's a bit harder to peg down. Looking at Amazon's pricing history, the 250GB model has generally been going for around $100 for most of the year. It did drop as low as $70 once, but that was in December of last year.

We see a similar trend with the 500GB model. It hit a low of $115 last year, but in 2017, it generally sold for between $160 and $180 for most of the year. It's dropped in price more recently, with its current $140 price tag being the lowest in 12 months.

Looking at the 1TB model, for the most part it sold for $300 and up throughout the year, even topping $370 at one point. It recently settled down to $300 and is now on sale for $284.

And then there's the 4TB model. $1,512 is slightly lower than it's been selling for lately, though obviously it's still expensive.

In any event, these are some pretty good deals up through 500GB.

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