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Get a 4-pack of Cooler Master 120mm 'silent' fans for $9

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Did your case manufacturer cheap out and only include a single pre-installed fan in your chassis? Well that blows, but only a little. If you really want it to move some air, you need to add more fans. You can do that rather inexpensively with a four-pack of Cooler Master fans that are currently on sale.

Both Amazon and Newegg have marked the four-pack down to $9, versus $13. That's not a giant savings, but $9 for four fans is pretty good.

These are 120mm fans that Cooler Master designed for quieter builds—noise output is rated at just 19 dBA (for each fan). They spin at 1,200 RPM with 44.73 CMF of airflow, according to the specs.

You don't get any RGB lighting (or any lighting at all) here, nor would we expect to at this price. For what it's worth, user reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Go here (opens in new tab) to pick up a set from Amazon, or here (opens in new tab) to buy from Newegg.

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