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Get 8 games for $3.99 in Bundle Stars' latest Killer Bundle

Bundle Stars has launched the ninth instalment of its best-selling franchise flagship bundle—Killer Bundle 9—which welcomes eight bundle-debuting games into its money-saving fold. 

From now through May 22, the Killer Bundle 9 costs £3.69/$3.99 and comes packing co-op top-down shooter Livelock, the early access-dwelling hunt 'em up Shark Attack Deathmatch 2, Diablo-a-like Guardians of Ember, off-the-wall physics adventure Manual Samuel, the wonderfully hectic Standby, the sometimes frantic but often hilarious Death by Game Show, and the gorgeous hand drawn puzzler Candle. 

And as you take a moment to catch your breath, let me tell you grabbing all eight games at this price means netting yourself a 95 percent saving which ain't too shabby.  

Again, the Killer Bundle 9 is available for £3.69$3.99 and expires on Monday, May 22. 

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