Get 57 percent off Prey for a very limited time

What the hell is that? A bird? A plane? A typhon cacoplasmus masquerading as a coffee mug? It could be all three, because, actually, it's Prey—Bethesda and Arkane's space-flung first-person shooter-meets-survival horror game which is on sale for $16.99/£12.75 till later today. 

Prey marks Fanatical's latest daily Star Deal, which run for 24 hours at a time. I missed this one at kick off yesterday (sorry!), but it's still a deal worth highlighting. Act fast if you're interested, before it morphs back to full price at 8am PST/4pm BST.  

In his 79-scoring review, Phil was let down by Prey's "lacklustre combat and annoying enemy design" but found it to be a "compelling, beautiful immersive sim" nonetheless. I finished the game around the same time as Phil, and think this is spot on. I particularly agree with this extract: 

Many of Prey's issues are a consequence of its broad range of options. Attempting to cater to a variety of play styles is laudable, but also means that Prey isn't as good a stealth game as Dishonored, nor as good a combat game as BioShock. But while the individual parts have problems, Prey is nonetheless greater than the sum of them. 

Prey is worth playing, mostly thanks to the strength of Talos-I as a setting, and the excellent environment design. It's fun to explore, full of interesting stories, and also looks and sounds great. Frequently, Prey's strengths build to create a tense and compelling atmosphere. And then it usually undermines it all with yet another goddamn Mimic. 

Anyway, enough from me—again, this offer runs out at 8am PST/4pm BST today.

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