GeForce Experience 3.0 reduces footprint and improves performance

Nvidia's GeForce Experience 3.0, which is  billed as a “faster and more efficient premium gaming service” that now features a brand-new interface, is now live. The company said the updated software suite is three times faster than it was previously, while using just half the memory. 

GeForce Experience is intended to simplify the installation of Nvidia's Game Ready drivers, and will also analyze your PC in order to automatically determine the best video settings for your games. It offers an in-game overlay for capturing screenshots and video, as well as livestreaming through the GeForce Share function. More intriguingly, Share also enables actual shared gameplay through PS Now-style streamed gaming. 

But the big hook is clearly the new version's smaller footprint. I don't know about you, but I tend to resent programs sitting in the background, sucking up precious resources—and if Nvidia can squeeze better performance out of GFE in the bargain, then so much the better.   

More information about GeForce Experience, and a link to download the latest version of the software, is available at

Andy Chalk

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