Gears of War Ultimate Edition will come to PC after Xbox One release

Gears of War Ultimate Edition

The good news, as we already know, is that Gears of War Ultimate Edition is coming to the PC. The bad news, as Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed on Twitter, is that it won't be out until after the Xbox One release.

"Gears on Win10 is later than Xbox One version," he wrote in response to a question about a release date. He didn't make any mention of a release date, but the Xbox One version is coming August 25.

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The PC edition of Gears of War Ultimate Edition was announced by Rod Fergusson, the head of Gears studio The Coalition, during the PC Gaming Show at E3. It will support 4K resolutions, DirectX 12, and unlocked framerates, but PC-specific details beyond that haven't been revealed.

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