Gauntlet reboot delayed, but only slightly


Remember Gauntlet? Not the arcade stand-up that made such a splash in the 1980s, but the reboot that was announced earlier this year . It was intended to be out on September 3, but that's not going to happen; fortunately, the delay is only a short one, and in the meantime there's a flashy new trailer to look at.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today that Gauntlet won't actually launch until September 23. It was a bit vague on the reasons, saying only that "additional time was needed to fine-tune details in order to bring gamers an even more robust multiplayer experience." As a gesture of contrition, anyone who preorders the game will be given the Spawn of Kerthull, a Wizard's robe made from the skin of dead imps, as a bonus item.

Warner also released a new trailer that takes a closer look at Gauntlet's heroes, lore, loot and game modes. It's clearly not going to be the most sophisticated videogame ever but it actually looks like it could be a lot of silly fun, and that's more than I expected when I first heard about it. Gauntlet will also be on display at PAX Prime 2014, which begins on August 29.

Andy Chalk

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