PC Gamer Chat Log Episode 56: Our white whale games

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Hey PC gamers, welcome back to the PC Gamer Chat Log podcast! Good week so far, I hope? I'm currently sick for the, uh, third time this year. Yeah, I don't know why, the beginning of the year is always a real illness magnet for me. Come May I'll be flying flu-free until 2025, when it'll start all over again. 

I usually try and do a neat clever segue into this week's topic, but my flued-up brain is defeating the teeny tiny part of my brain that's still sorta smart. So this week we're talking all about our white whale games. The games in your genre that are must-plays, touted as the blueprint for which all your favourite games were moulded from, the games that no matter how hard you try you just can't get your head around. 

Maybe you've had That One Game on your backlog for years now. You know the one, the game that you always go "I'm gonna play that today/tomorrow/this weekend/next week" over and over again until it's inevitably been 10 years and you've still barely clocked an hour of playtime. Maybe it's a game you've forced yourself to try and like to no avail.

Whatever your white whale situation is, come join myself and Lauren alongside this week's guest Tyler Colp. We'll be sharing our own white whale gaming stories, and you should totally share yours too. Head over to the PC Gamer forums! We'll have a thread set up for this week's episode. I would love to know which games you're still relentlessly pursuing to this day. Lauren and I will be lurking around in the post too, ready to join the discussion.

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Mollie Taylor
Features Producer

Mollie spent her early childhood deeply invested in games like Killer Instinct, Toontown and Audition Online, which continue to form the pillars of her personality today. She joined PC Gamer in 2020 as a news writer and now lends her expertise to write a wealth of features, guides and reviews with a dash of chaos. She can often be found causing mischief in Final Fantasy 14, using those experiences to write neat things about her favourite MMO. When she's not staring at her bunny girl she can be found sweating out rhythm games, pretending to be good at fighting games or spending far too much money at her local arcade.