GamesAid's Little Big Bunch 2 lets you pick five games for £6

Get Games have teamed up with the charity GamesAid to bring you another great deal on indie games, thus satisfying the duel needs of getting cheap stuff and doing a good deed. Little Big Bunch 2 works like an inverted Humble Bundle. The price is fixed at a meagre £6 donation, but for that you can pick which five games you want from their selection.

Games include the space-based tower defence Unstoppable Gorg, JRPG/shooter mash-up Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, classic turn-based strategy Disciples II Gold, adventure RPG Dark Scavenger, 2D arcade strategy Worms Reloaded and real-time chess game Archon Classic.

There's also Grotesque Tactics, Tofu 1 & 2, The Trouble with Robots and Space Colony HD. Little Big Bunch 2 will be available until the 19th December.

The money gets split evenly between the developers and GamesAid , which itself is a sort of charity bundle. They raise money for a selection of children and young people's charities, supporting Action for Kids , Jigsaw 4U , Small Steps , Special Effect and The Willow Foundation .

Phil Savage

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