Super Earth finally admits flying bugs exist in Helldivers 2, then blames galactic war map hiccups on dissidents that have been 'identified, arrested, tried, and executed'

An image of a citizen of Super Earth giving a PSA, holding his hands out in a calming manner while the word: INVASION is stamped in block-type over a screaming man crying for sweet liberty.
(Image credit: Arrowhead Games)

Flying Terminids are a myth no longer in Helldivers 2—that's according to an official in-game dispatch that hit the servers yesterday, along with horrifying towers that spawn soaring insectoids. 

The current major order to liberate Zagon and Fori Prime is proceeding apace, with Fori Prime on the cusp of liberation at the time of writing. However, there's been a snag—our brave soldiers are reporting an insectoid menace previously thought a fascist myth: Shriekers.  

Recovered footage from the ongoing battle in Fori Prime, viewer discretion advised. from r/Helldivers

Previously dismissed as enemy propaganda by Arrowhead Games' CEO Johan Pilestedt himself, nests of these buggers form a new mission objective on the soon-to-be liberated planets. This was also confirmed via an in-game dispatch, which states the following:

"A new strain of flying Terminids has suddenly appeared across all Terminid planets, with no prior warning or indication of any kind. While the Ministry of Intelligence has always known this was a possibility, the abruptness of the evolution indicates a high possibility of dissident concealment."

So there you have it. Dissident traitors were reporting these bugs' existence, but they were also concealing them, so it's really not our fault that we didn't see this coming. Don't think about it too hard, soldier—your head should only be filled with the sweet, sweet song of Lady Liberty.

In other news, the brief failure of the Galactic War map yesterday, initially thought a glitch at Arrowhead Games HQ, was actually due to a secret cabal of hackers, according to Super Earth's ministry of truth. A similar dispatch notes: "The breach has been addressed, and all systems have been returned to normal operation. Any discrepancies are to be considered the result of dissident misinformation. Rest assured that the parties responsible have been identified, arrested, tried, and executed."

(Image credit: Arrowhead Games)

In all seriousness, this is a fun way to explain immersion-breaking hitches in the game's canon—and the doublethink on the flying bug situation is both hilarious and canon-appropriate. 

As a Super Earth patriot, I'm also relieved to know for a fact that dissidents were both hiding and spreading information about our new enemies, and also that the Termicide had nothing to do with these mutations. Time to take my new LAS-16 Sickle for a spin.

Harvey Randall
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