Helldivers 2 player encounters a bug that gives them infinite gas, and haven't we all been there?

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(Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios)

We've all at some point encountered a bug that gives us what feels like infinite gas, typically after spending time around small children or eating a dodgy kebab. One Helldivers 2 player had a much more extreme effluvial experience while battling the Terminid scourge, suffering a case of infinite gas so bad that it ultimately killed them.

The player, going by the wonderful Reddit name UnexpectedRoundHouse, posted a video to the Helldivers subreddit displaying the unfortunate incident. RoundHouse was several minutes into a 'Launch ICBM' mission when they called in an 'Orbital Gas Strike' stratagem on a bug breach.

Normally this stratagem would drop a single shell of toxic green gas onto the painted target, suffocating the enemies of Managed Democracy in a deadly pea-soup miasma. That isn't what happened here. Instead, some mysterious bug had infected the cannons of RoundHouse's orbiting dropship, causing it to fire an endless torrent of gas shells into the ground like a jackhammer.

Super Earth blessed me with infinite Gas Strikes and it was... unpleasant from r/Helldivers

The video makes for quite the sight. The gassy barrage is so ferocious that the game camera begins to violently shake the closer Cadet RoundHouse approaches. The noise of the strike is equally abominable (or should that be 'abdominable'?) As fellow Reddit user Bearfoxman noted: "That's about the sound I was expecting from someone with unending gas."

Sadly, the bout of stratospheric flatulence didn't end well for RoundHouse. It isn't like they can just pop a couple of Imodium capsules in the orbital ship's loading chamber and wait for the barrage to subside. Unable to stop the flow, RoundHouse marched right underneath the ceaselessly pummelling shells and was quickly gassed to death.

This is far from the only bizarre situation to occur in Helldivers 2, although they usually derive from the game's systems rather than from bugs such as this. Other recent examples include one player managing to kill a Bile Titan by accidentally flinging the corpse of a Charger Terminid into them, with similarly messy (although rather more fluid) results.