Helldivers 2 and Star Wars collide in this amazing mod, due for release "later this week"

A close up of the helmet of a 501st clone trooper, modded into Helldivers 2.
(Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios, ToastedShoes)

Helldivers 2 may not have any official modding support, but you simply cannot stop players putting weird stuff in your game. A couple of weeks ago, YouTuber and modder ToastedShoes dropped Master Chief, Buzz Lightyear, the TARDIS, and more into the war for a truly chaotic take on managed democracy. Now he's showing off an impressive collision with the Star Wars universe.

Not only are the Helldivers themselves reskinned as clone soldiers (including fan favourites Rex, Cody, and Hunter), the Automatons have been recast as Separatist droids. Though the weapons and stratagems are unchanged, it's surprising how well it all fits together for a convincing recreation of a Clone Wars battle. Finally, you can experience what it would be like to scrabble in the mud against horrific odds while the Jedi are off somewhere else messing about with their lightsabers. 

You can't try the full Helldivers 2 Star Wars mod for yourself just yet, but you don't have long to wait—ToastedShoes promises it will drop later this week. In the meantime, you can at least try one of the skins, a trooper of the 501st in phase 2 armour. Do note though that modding Helldivers 2 is done at your own risk—because there's no actual support, it's technically not allowed, and there's always the risk that even client-side cosmetics could get flagged as cheating when used online, especially given the game's crossplay with the pretty strict PlayStation Network. As far as I can find Arrowhead haven't made an official statement on the use of mods, but it's safest to assume you're always rolling the dice when you use mods in a multiplayer game. 

It doesn't look like that's something that would ever stop ToastedShoes, though—you might know him already from the bizarre saga of his Palworld Pokémon mod, making the Powerpuff girls horribly murder Ben10 in Mortal Kombat, or transforming Suicide Squad into a Marvel game. May the Force be with you, you big weirdo. 

Robin Valentine
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