Total War: Warhammer 3's next free DLC gives away gold wizards, an evil crown, and a legendary lord who counts diseases for fun

Three gold wizards in masks, one on foot, one on horseback, and one riding a pegasus.
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Alongside Thrones of Decay, the upcoming Total War: Warhammer 3 DLC that will be sold in three slices so you can get just the bits you want, comes the obligatory Creative Assembly "free-LC". This time it's also in three bits, adding three new things to liven up your campaigns, whether they are of the Immortal Empires or Realm of Chaos variety.

The headliner is a new legendary lord complete with game-changing rules for his faction. Said lord is a herald of the plague god who goes by the name Epidemius, Nurgle's Tallyman. A one-eyed plaguebearer riding a palanquin, Epidemius gets combat buffs when fighting diseased enemies, and earns rewards based on how many other factions are currently suffering from plagues. He doesn't really care about the quality of the diseases, you see—he just likes for there to be lots of them.

The other freebies are a Gold Wizard hero for the Empire, which is a sensible addition given that you could already have a Gold Wizard as your legendary lord, and the Nemesis Crown. This powerful artifact will be hidden somewhere on the map at the start of each campaign, and whoever digs it up can either pop it on their bonce and earn some buffs balanced by nasty debuffs, or seal the evil thing away to prevent others from using it—for a while at least. 

The Nemesis Crown provides bonuses like an increase to its wearer's hit points, boosts to the strength of their army's weapons, and increasing diplomatic relations with their own faction. It balances that with debuffs like a significant drop to diplomatic relations with every single other faction. It levels up too, gaining more powers if you win battles while wearing it, but if you don't win enough fights to keep the thing happy it'll go bury itself again for someone else to find.

These freebies will be available alongside patch 5.0 and the Thrones of Decay DLC, which are scheduled for release on April 30.

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