You'll soon be able to start a new game in Dragon's Dogma 2 without rooting around your files, as well as change your appearance all you'd like for in-game currency

A quizzical-looking Arisen with short red hair and a numerous amount of scars looks gently confused as something is explained to him in Dragon's Dogma 2.
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Dragon's Dogma 2 has had a turbulent entry to say the least. Bizarre, pointless microtransactions and performance issues have caused it to be wrung through the critical grinder on Steam. Despite that, it's hit a very respectable 220,000+ all-time player peak already

One particular woe that's bothered the player-base? Dragon's Dogma 2 is a one-save-only game, which is what it's like in Dragon's Dogma 1, for the record. There has, however, been a crucial difference that players are understandably upset about: You have to manually delete your save from the files if you want to start over.

I'm all for Dragon's Dogma 2 making me live with my choices, but I do think the complete lack of an option to restart, frankly, silly. If the game wants to wipe my previous save data to do so, so be it—but players should be able to get a second run at the game without having to open their file explorer.

Luckily, Capcom appears to have listened to that feedback, as announced on the game's official Twitter.

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There's no official date for the patch, other than a promise it'll be "in the near future … [we'll] release them as soon as they are ready for distribution on each platform."

Additionally, the "Art of Metamorphosis" item, currently available for purchase in-game for a measly 500 rift crystals (or, bafflingly, from the store page for real money) will have its stock increased from a measly two to 99 at Pawn Guilds, which is both a fascinating quality of life improvement and an optics thing.

To the uninitiated, having a measly two of these books available for purchase scans as a way to drive sales of their MTX version—especially since it doesn't appear to restock like other items will in-game. However, you can only buy one additional book for real money, ever. Bumping this up to 99 lifts both an arbitrary limit on character customisation (that was already being fixed by mods) and devalues the existing, rather pointless microtransaction even further.

From where I'm sitting, this seems like a move to stop players being driven to mods—something Capcom doesn't exactly like—and to push back against the current narratives that DD2's inconveniences are designed to sell MTX, despite many of those inconveniences (such as limited fast travel) being staples of the first game. 

That's a self-made problem on Capcom's part, of course, but it's one it needs to address nonetheless. Regardless, these are some solid quality-of-life updates—but I'm still personally waiting for performance fixes, even if my rig only really chugs when I'm in Vermund.


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