Rechristened 'Let Me Solo Them,' Elden Ring's greatest hero has overcome his first-time jitters and is now clowning on Shadow of the Erdtree's final boss

Elden Ring's Let Me Solo Her standing in Liurnia
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Isn't life funny? Think of all the things you do on the regular that once scared the hell out of you. Things that—when you confronted them for the first time—seemed like totally insurmountable obstacles that no human could possibly hope to conquer. 

Maybe something at your job, or exams, perhaps day-to-day life in a foreign country, or your frequent battles with the warrior child of a god and his enormous dual blades. Or your taxes. Doing your taxes can also be scary sometimes.

Alright, one of those will only be relevant to you if you happen to literally be Let Me Solo Her, the Elden Ring folk hero who built such an illustrious career out of clowning on Malenia that FromSoft sent him a real-life sword for his trouble. He's been mucking around in Shadow of the Erdtree recently, and even he ran into a few problems with the DLC's final boss(es): It took him a full three hours to finally beat the fight. Spoilers ahead for Erdtree's final battle.

But that's all in the past, because our hero has now reached the point that he can clown on Radahn in both of his phases just as easily as he can Malenia. In a video uploaded to LMSH's YouTube channel yesterday—titled "Let Me Solo Them"—he makes short work of the schmuck in both phases in just under five minutes. That's 2.8% of the time it took him originally. Also, his ensemble includes a tattered cape now, which I find very fetching.

[Elden Ring] Let me solo them - YouTube [Elden Ring] Let me solo them - YouTube
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His strategy is, well, to be much better at Elden Ring than I've ever been at anything I've ever attempted. Radahn just cannot get a hit in: Wherever his swords are, LMSH isn't, and all the while our jar-headed champion is hurting him with all sorts of specially attuned rapiers, building up rot and bleed and frostbite and just generally making Radahn look like a real bozo.

It's a kind of mastery I could never hope to match, but I can maybe benefit from it anyway. It looks like LMSH is open for business outside Radahn's boss arena in much the same way he once was outside of Malenia's, meaning players can summon him for assistance (or to just fight the boss for them) if they're so inclined. Hey, why get your hands dirty when you can just stand back and watch a pro at work?

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