Fallout 3's radio host Three Dog wants to appear in season 2 of the Fallout TV series as someone 'darker than Three Dog, but just as funny'

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There are a ton of familiar moments for fans to lose their mind over in the first season of the Fallout TV show. It may not have been particularly significant, but the first time I saw someone use a stimpack or heard The Ink Spots' I Don't Want to Set The World on Fire was still really cool. 

This song was used as Fallout 3's intro and played a lot across Galaxy News Radio's broadcasts. But that may not be the only thing coming out of this iconic radio show, as the voice actor for the charismatic Three Dog has raised the possibility of making an appearance in the next season of the TV show. 

After quote-tweeting a fan who was saying how much they missed hearing Three Dog while watching the three protagonists make their way through the Wasteland, Erik Todd Dellums replied: "I would love to voice a new DJ in the Fallout series! Darker than Three Dog, but just as funny and alluring! I've got something new to unleash!"

As the host of Galaxy News Radio, Three Dog accompanies the Lone Wanderer's actions throughout Fallout 3, either praising or condemning them for their work in the Wasteland, so it would be cool to hear the same sort of thing said about the characters in the TV series even if it were just a one-time thing. It wouldn't even be the first time Three Dog's name was used in something else Fallout-related, as Travis Miles, the DJ for Diamond City Radio in Fallout 4, will reference the radio host saying that an old friend used to tell him, "you have to fight the good fight" after the player defeats the Institute. 

But even with Three Dog being mentioned in other games there may still not be a chance for him to appear in season 2 of the TV show. First off, we don't know if Three Dog is still alive, in 2287, he vanishes without a trace and is then replaced by Phil Goodman, known as The Ghoul of Cool. But even if he has survived the nine years between his disappearance and the beginning of the TV show, he probably wouldn't be in the right area. 

Three Dog's broadcasts in Fallout 3 are prerecorded, but they are still from a fortified bunker in the middle of "a [Washington] D.C. hellhole," according to one of his tapes. But season 2 of the TV series seems to be taking place in another West Coast location, which would probably leave the radio host out of the loop, or at least mean Dellums would have to play a different—but suspiciously similar—character. But you never know—maybe we'll get to hear another one of Three Dog's revolutionary broadcasts in season 2 of the Fallout TV show. 

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