Gamers holding Rumble in the Bronze StarCraft 2 charity grudge match

Starcraft 2 protoss

Rumble in the Bronze is a charity StarCraft 2 event in which six teams are set to fight for donations to hospitals of their choice. This competition has more going for it than a good name and a good cause, the first match will be fought with an interesting ruleset. It's a 2v2 scrap in which the base building and economy is handled by Diamond players, while all the nitty gritty troop control is done by less experienced Bronze players. The whole event will be broadcast live, and they're taking donations for Child's Play now. Read on for details.

The event was organised by Penny Arcade forumites who teased each other to the point that a grudge match was required. Instead of settling their differences in private they decided to broadcast it to the world for charity. The whole event will be broadcast this Saturday on StarCraft Arcadia , and donations can be made now at the event's donation page . There are more details about the match ups on the Penny Arcade forum thread , and there's even a rousing trailer for the competition, embedded below.

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