Game site pays £1 million to charities to 'apologise' for Red Dead Redemption 2 leaks

In February, Trusted Reviews published Red Dead Redemption 2 details from a leaked Rockstar document. Today, Variety reports that Trusted Reviews publisher TI Media has agreed to donate more than a million pounds to "unreservedly apologise" for the story. The money goes to charities chosen by Rockstar.

A Take-Two statement to Variety says: "Take-Two takes security seriously and will take legal action against people or publications who leak confidential information. 

"Because this situation involved information about Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Games directed the settlement funds to these three great charities: the American Indian College Fund, the American Prairie Reserve, and the First Nations Development Institute."

The Trusted Reviews apology reads as follows: "On February 6, 2018, we published an article that was sourced from a confidential corporate document. We should have known this information was confidential and should not have published it. 

"We unreservedly apologise to Take-Two Games and we have undertaken not to repeat such actions again."

Red Dead Redemption 2 is out on consoles now, but we reckon there's a strong chance it will come to PC eventually. There are clues hidden in the game's companion app, and there are more indication in our round-up of everything we know about Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC.

Tom Senior

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