Game on with Alienware

Packing out arenas and dangling million-dollar prizes, esports is set to explode in 2018. But you don’t want to step into this ultra-competitive world without Alienware 

Nothing beats the buzz of esports. Your heart pounds. Your knuckles whiten. Then you pull off your perfectly timed finishing move, claiming the Dota 2 championship as the crowd chants your name. And that’s when it hits you. This isn’t just a game. You want to make esports your life, reach the top, be a gaming legend. It’s not going to be easy. And that’s where Alienware comes in. This is hardware for the hardcore. 

From its roots as an underground subculture, these are boom times for esports. With the global audience tipped to hit 589 million by 2020 and prize pots already reaching tens of millions, experts predict the scene will soon be bigger than the NFL. As esports championships pack out arenas everywhere from New York to Cannes, and every button-press brings a roar to rival any rock concert, it’s clear this isn’t just some gimmick or flash in the pan—it’s an all-in lifestyle where players and fans are as committed and obsessed as any traditional sport.

Anywhere you find esports, you’ll find Alienware. Dell’s groundbreaking hardware brand is right there at the beating heart of the esports scene, powering the best gamers as they conquer the national leagues and storm the world stage. Maybe you’ve felt the buzz surrounding this next-generation gear in gaming circles. Perhaps you’ve heard the best players on your team whisper about Alienware like it’s black magic. And now, as you arrive at ESL One in Birmingham on May 25-27, you’ll find Alienware in the thick of the action, not just as this hotly anticipated event’s hardware partner, but also as official sponsors of Team Liquid as they battle it out with the planet’s best Dota 2 players for a grand prize of $1 million.

At this top-flight level—where the action hinges on split-second decisions, lightning-fast reactions and insane actions per minute—the right PC setup can make the difference between glory and oblivion. And when you make like the pros and turn to Alienware for the winning edge, you’re giving yourself a shot at joining them.

Imagine it. You could hit the esports circuit with confidence, armed with an Alienware 13, 15 or 17 laptop whose next-generation graphics move as fast, smooth and deadly as your avatar. You could leave your rivals for dust with an Alienware Aurora Desktop that offers the tech to keep up with your talent, takes the abuse of intensive gaming sessions and responds to the most rapid APMs you can throw at it. You could dive headlong into VR with Alienware’s Oculus-ready tech, and leave your world behind with Alienware 34” curved monitors that pull you deep into the game.

Esports is the career of the future—and Alienware is the gaming gear of tomorrow. Check out the mothership and find out where Alienware could take you.