Funcom will pay players up to $500 for reporting exploits in Conan Exiles

Similar to Ark: Survival Evolved's bounty program, Funcom has introduced a cash-powered vehicle for tracking down exploits in their Early Access survival game, Conan Exiles. It was announced last week, but now we've got the details: players reporting major exploits can earn between $100 and $500 dollars (paid via PayPal).

Funcom says it's looking for "Serious exploits which can be used in online play and on multiplayer servers" that give players "big advantages in the game, like duplicating items or being able to build inside mountains/rocks." Players spotting these kinds of exploits can email the developers to provide them with the info:

"Send a detailed test case for the exploit to You must describe each step needed to reproduce what you have found. Please include your PayPal email so we can reward you for your help. Also, please include your name or Steam user name if you wish it to be included in our list of rewarded Exploit Hunters."

As far as players being rewarded with electro-cash, it's naturally dependent on the reported exploit being one that Funcom isn't yet aware of, that hasn't already been reported by another player, and the exploit being "severe enough" to warrant a payout. The size of the reward "will depend on how valuable we deem your submission."

And when you're not trying to track down exploits, you can also play with the trebuchet, which has been added to the game in the latest patch. There's a video of it below.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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