FTL meets Mad Max in "tactical roguelike-like" Convoy


Convoy is FTL but with trucks and cars. Honestly, that was enough to pique my interest, but you might also like to know that it's set on an alien planet, and has you traversing the arid wasteland in search of replacement parts for your busted-up spaceship. That'll be the Mad Max influence, then—directing a convoy of vehicles across the map, you'll engage in (or avoid) the three-way factional warfare that dominates the planet, encountering text-based events or real-time road battles along the way. Excuse me while I upgrade my interest levels to two raised eyebrows and the beginnings of a head-nod...OK, now we can continue.

Convoy's one of them Kickstarter games that will release regardless of whether or not it reaches its goal, but it will be fleshed out with a ramming mechanic, environmental combat hazards, increased map interaction and a few other things if developers Convoy Games manage to hit their 10,000 Euro target. Having just had a go on a preview build, I can confirm that what's in the game already is promising enough. I particularly like the real-time vehicular battles, which play out like tactical chase sequences, but I had fun driving all over the map, bumping into those random events too. While it might look a bit daunting in the above video, from what I've played it seems pretty intuitive and slick—the soundtrack's ridiculously good too.

Convoy's out in February, and it's coming to Steam.

Tom Sykes

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