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FTL-like submarine game Diluvion gets Resubmerged update

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Last year Holly Nielsen reviewed Diluvion (opens in new tab), a game about being captain of a submarine straight out of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and said, "While the watery depths you explore are a 3D space, when switching to an interior view of the submarines or cities you come across, the 3D transforms into hand-painted 2D graphics. These areas are where the style of Diluvion comes into its own, and the inspiration of Jules Verne is fully felt."

She had some criticisms, particularly for its checkpoints, but also for the UI. Players had plenty of feedback for indie studio Arachnid Games too, and so they spent another year working on an update which they're now ready to launch. Resubmerged is a free update that makes salvaging more dynamic, adds depth to the looting, crew management, and sub upgrading systems, has more ship customization, and "enhanced visuals, new graphics settings, a complete UI overhaul with improved quest tracking and waypoints, the ability to save anywhere, and revamped landmark, navigation and pathfinding systems."

It's a significant upgrade, one that also includes "new side quests, artwork and music alongside a number of quality-of-life improvements." Check it out on Steam (opens in new tab).

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