FTL: Advanced Edition out April 3

Subset Games has announced on Twitter that FTL: Advanced Edition will release on April 3. The new edition of the game will release on iPad for $10 on the same day, but will be offered as a free upgrade to those who already own the original game on PC. As you should.

FTL: Advanced Edition adds new ships, weapons, event and environments. Some of the new additions include a cloning room, which, in exchange for your medbay, will allow you to create clones of dead crew members at a cost to their skills. Another addition, a mind control system, will force enemies to sabotage their own ships.

The update will also include new music by composer Ben Prunty , and new sectors and events written by FTL writer Tom Jubert and Wasteland 2 scribe Chris Avellone.

As you can imagine, we love FTL already. These additions will give us yet another reason to jump back into the cockpit.