Frontiers celebrates one-year Kickstarter anniversary with big progress update

Ambitious exploration-based RPG Frontiers is celebrating its anniversary . A year has passed since it raised $150,000 on Kickstarter, and successfully became a game that will one day exist. Since then, the project has entered full scale development, and now, today, is... still a game that will one day exist. To mark the passing of this auspicious milestone, creator Lars Simkins has released a big update video, explaining where he's at with the game.

Bad news: Frontiers has slipped from its mid-2014 due date to a less committal "when its done" schedule. Good news: there's a new video, depicting the game's new hang-gliding system.

If Frontiers is yet to trouble your radar, it's an open-world RPG focused more on exploration and discovery than on combat and loot collection. Pre-Kickstarter, I talked to Simkins about the desired scope of the project, and—based on what he's shown so far—he seems to be on track to deliver that vision.

For an idea of Frontiers' full scope, take a look at the Greenlight trailer from a couple of months back.

Phil Savage

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