Friends on different WoW servers will soon be able to run dungeons together...for a price


World of Warcraft US community manager and floating candle Nethaera just announced on Blizzard's official forums that they're adding a much-requested feature to the Looking For Group tool: cross-realm queueing. After the feature is implemented (it's just now entering testing phase on the current PTR), players will be able to form a party with their Real ID friends, no matter what realm they're on--although they will still need to be on the same faction.

The update is being tested on the PTR alongside patch 4.2 , but it's unclear whether Blizzard plans the new feature with the major content patch or not.

Nethaera also warns that "certain elements of the cross-realm Real ID party system will be premium-based," which is a nice way of saying that you're gonna have to hand over some money to unlock parts of it. She went on to clarify that only the player sending out the invitations will need to have those premium features. It seems likely that you'll have to pay the premium fee in order to create a cross-realm party and invite friends, but that it will be free to accept the group invitations of those that have paid. What do you think?