Friday Fortnite: the roster and brackets for this week's competition

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So you've heard of Friday Fortnite? Well, good thing you're here. We've got the latest info on the Friday Fortnite roster, schedule, and how to watch the show.

What is Friday Fortnite?

Friday Fortnite is a tournament organized by Daniel "KEEMSTAR" Keem and UMG Gaming. Every week (give or take a few, depending on whether the comp gets organized or not), pro players (and often some celebrities) duke it out for prize money, and even audience members can occasionally win some cash or prizes.

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The Friday Fortnite rules

  • In Friday Fortnite, two players form a 4-player squad, invite the opposing pair of players, and both teams duke it out to see who can rack up more kills over the course of two standard squads game of Fortnite.
  • Whichever team has the most kills will go onto the next round.
  • The losing team is sent to the losers bracket for a second chance at getting into the finals. If they lose a match there, they're out of the tournament for good.
  • If a team of two plays and loses in the first round of the normal bracket, they're automatically out of the tournament.

Friday Fortnite roster: August 9

Here are the duos competing this Friday. "Open" seems to indicate that they're currently trying to wrangle a partner for that competitor, so hey, maybe shoot your shot.

Here's round one:

  • Ninja and Reverse2K vs. Qualifier Team
  • TSM Myth and TSM Zexrow vs. NRG MrSavage and NRG benjy
  • Nhyrox and Solary Airwaks vs. FaZe Mongraal and mitr0
  • LG Problem and Wavyjacob vs. Ewok and Courage
  • LG Kiwis and LG Formula vs. LG Gunfly and Open
  • FaZe Dubs and Open vs. Cooler Aqua and E11 Stomp
  • Nick 28T and NepentheZ vs. Gotaga and Mickelow
  • Homan and ehPom vs. FaZe H1ghsky1 and Open
  • Typical Gamer and FaZe Thief vs. FaZe Tilt and Ship
  • DuckyTheGamer and SSN Santa vs Ghost Aydan and FaZe Sway\
  • Nickmercs and SypherPK vs. LeTshe and MckeyTV
  • AlexiRamiGaming and Open vs. Heretics Pgod and Heretics Ko
  • FaZe Natehill and FaZe Funk vs. Socksfor1 and BakBak
  • BigEX and LG Destroy vs. Royalstiq and LZR Rojo
  • FaZe Replays and Nick Eh 30 vs. TSM Chica and MatthewEspinosa
  • Kurt Benkert and Ghost Snood vs. DJ Akadimiks and Mikey

There's three rounds, then a semifinal, a winners final, and then a grand final where the losers bracket winner gets their chance to come back.

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Friday Fortnite schedule

Friday Fortnite typically starts at 4 p.m. EDT. If things change for some reason, you can always check on UMG's site by scrolling down and looking to the right, just above the bracket.

How to watch Friday Fortnite

You can watch Friday Fortnite on UMG's official Twitch channel at the appropriately scheduled time.

You can also watch it on the official Friday Fortnite homepage on UMG's website, which is basically just running their Twitch stream anyway. At least there you can also see the bracket and upcoming schedule.

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