Free Steam key encore giveaway: four games up for grabs

8 Bit Boy 1

Welcome to encore week, the concluding part of our five-week free game giveaway with Bundle Stars. If you missed any of the free games that we've given away so far, this is your last chance to get Steam keys for most of them.

We've run out of keys for Skyborn, but you can still get the other games free. Here on page one you can get a key for the charming retro platformer 8-Bit Boy; on page two we have one key that will give you two hilarious adventure games: Ben There, Dan That and Time Gentlemen, Please; on page three you'll find turn-based mech squad strategy game, Bionic Dues.

We're running the giveaway with help from Bundle Stars. You can buy games there individually, but they also run bundles that can offer game collections at discounts of up to 98%. This week Killer Bundle 5 combines the likes of retro shooter Rise of the Triad with the wonderfully bizarre Blues and Bullets in a ten-game collection for £3.69 / $5.66, saving $100.

To clam your free Steam key for 8-Bit Boy, follow the instructions in the widget below.


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