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Free games of the week

Witch – A Special Delivery by Joel

Here's an adorable, moderately fledged Metroidvania starring a cute little witch. You know the deal: you leap around, fighting enemies and collecting special tools, but I love that, here, those tools follow you around, floating behind you as you explore this nocturne world. Witch – A Special Delivery reminds me of old indie platformers like Eternal Daughter and Knytt, and thanks to its robust combat, platforming, and exploration, it stands up nicely next to those genre greats.

Disaster Log C by Sofdelux Studio

You're stuck on a rickety ship with a murderous bandit in this inventive, funny, and handsomely drawn visual novel, which begins with the onset of an endless rain. Faced with the possibility of drowning in your home, you build a ramshackle vessel and take to the sea in Disaster Log C, while you wait for the rain to, er, blow over. Yeah, good luck with that.

Grue by Charles Mangin

You play as, well, a grue in this satisfying inversion of Zork: an adventurer-eating monster what lurks in the dark. As a creature that doesn't use its eyes, and that isn't terribly inclined to GO NORTH, I found it even trickier than usual, figuring out Grue's parser system, but it's worth persevering with this smart, considered text adventure. (Via Warp Door)

Cursed by DisasterSquad

I'm stretching the 'of the week' part of Free Games of the Week with the delightfully gruesome Cursed, which is eight years old according to its description. It's only just been added to the service, however, so there. And what a treat it is, even if the interface is a little, well, a lot fussy. Cursed plays out a bit like a Macventure game, such as Shadowgate or Uninvited; it's a first-person adventure but with added monsters, death, and combat. I really enjoyed the combat especially, which sees you swinging your sword, and blocking with your shield in a timely manner.

Boo! by Bart Bonte

Bart Bonte's Boo! is not only a fun thing to say, it's also a clever puzzler that's neatly topical with the imminent Halloween festivities. You play as a pumpkin decorator in this novel webgame, and in order to match your creations to briefs provided on the right of the screen, you have to dunk each pumpkin in paint, and tactically cover bits of them up with horror-themed tat. I've not seen anything like that in a puzzle game before, and Boo's colourful pumpkin dunking is a whole lot of fun.