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Free games of the week

How to die in a Morgue by Daniel Rottinger

Which brings us to How to die in a Morgue, an atmospheric and well-paced sidescrolling adventure boasting a novel premise. You're a mobster tasked with retrieving an important item from a corpse, an item that, unfortunately, happens to be buried deep inside it. The English translation isn't quite finished, and you do have to keep interacting with the same items in order to get anywhere, but if you like creepy adventures this is worth a play regardless.

Stick Match 2 by Daniel Linssen

Linssen has brought us plenty of exciting 2D freeware games over the past few years, but here's a 3D frustrati-game that has you controlling... a matchstick. Like most matchsticks, you're trying to get somewhere, and to do that you'll have to pass a series of increasingly pesky obstacles, including a small step and some slowly moving platforms. Those might not sound too bad, but that's only because you don't know about the atypical control scheme, which sees you rotating the matchstick and swinging it back and forth. It's pretty infuriating getting, well, anywhere, and some of you are going to love that.

The Tragic Tale of Bark Scruffalo by Nicholas Vigna

Poor old Bark Scruffalo: the terrified dog understandably cowering inside his dog house while an endless swarm of demonic creatures makes toward him. Luckily, his owner (you) is around to offer help, help that you'll supply by dashing around and whacking those demons till they drop. This is a wave-based survival game where you're trying to accrue as many points as possible before either you or your canine chum pegs it; it's a little basic, but this is a polished game that feels great to control. (Via Warp Door.)

A very STINKY mystery FILE by Nathalie Lawhead

This isn't quite a game, and because it's so bitty there's no real way to take a useful picture, so you'll have to imagine what a load of flies buzzing around your desktop might look like. Cleverly, each of the smelly flies resides within its own game window, a window that will occasionally jump around your screen, although a little too slowly to be a proper nuisance, which might have been funnier. As it is, it's no bother to simply exit the windows and thus close down the game, but of all the many, many games to unleash a swarm of digital insects onto your PC, A very STINKY mystery FILE is up there with the best.

The Fish Market by Grace Bruxner

In the adorably silly The Fish Market, you find yourself at an underwater marketplace populated by cartoon fishies, crabs and other aquatic species. There are no goals to achieve, and no conversations to be had; you're just exploring this place for the halibut.

Speaking of amazing jokes, each of the dozen or so stalls here is a unique delight, offering up a pun, a fun piece of character design, or even an (unofficial) burst of the ruddy Vengaboys as you explore the assembled market stalls.