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Free games of the week

Mystery Tapes by Strangethink

Mystery Tapes

You awake amid a pile of videotapes, hundreds and hundreds of tapes with names that suggest so much, and that result in a different set of coloured wavy lines when fed into one of three TV-VHS units. Experiment with different tape combos to create alternately weird environments, and to generate a different string of disjointed nonsense from the figure overseeing your exploration. A wonderfully tactile exhibit.

Michael E Michael by Aaron Meyers

Michael E Michael

Square off against Michael Jackson as his arch-nemesis, Michael Jackson, in this funny two-player local multiplayer game, created for's Duplicade jam. Michael can punch, Michael can of course fire lasers, and most vitally of all Michael can dance. Man, can he dance. Michael's dancing, as it did in real life, creates an army of mini-clones. Look at them go.

Fire Dance With Me by Robert Gaither and Anja Luzega

Fire Dance With Me

Another Duplicade entry, Fire Dance With Me lets you "pick your favorite Twin Peaks character and Dance Dance with Leland Palmer". Obviously I picked the Log Lady's Log, and that sharp-suited guy from the Red Lodge. This is such a beautifully inappropriate rhythm game, with great sprites and an apt choice of music.

The Mammoth: A Cave Painting by inbetweengames

The Mammoth

Rescue stranded mammoth-lings, and attempt to defend them from nasty human hunters, in this lovely-lookin' short adventure set in prehistoric times. In the vast, endless sea that is indie games in 2015, I'm a big fan of short, polished, pointed games like this.

Notice Me Detective by Valentina Chrysostomou, Maria Christofi, Kyriakos Georgiou

Notice Me Detective

I missed this back in August, and that's almost as criminal as the wrong-doings you're dispatched to investigate, as the hotshot, box-headed Detective Buh. Notice Me Detective is a fun first-person comedy/mystery game, recalling Jazzpunk, set in a series of crime scenes that you can contaminate with your invisible hands if you desire. The controls felt a bit off, but this is a big, well-detailed world that's fun to explore, either as yourself or a handy animal partner.