Free games of the week

Call of Dudley

This weekend, you briefly put down Fallout 4 to take a look at the best free games of the week. INCLUDING: a move-limited match-3, Porpentine meets Myst, flyin' a plane around a weird place, call waiting, and look at this cool world I just made. Enjoy!

Anesthesia by Stephen Lavelle


Increpare's latest (well, I'm not actually sure it is his latest; he's probably released a dozen games since I played this yesterday) is a seemingly simple match-3...with a twist. That twist is the big number at the top, which ticks down every time you make a move. Your goal, I assume, is to clear the board before that counter hits zero, and you can no longer input any moves. The cursor, by the way, swaps one block for another; match three or more to remove them from the board.

Bellular Hexatosis by Porpentine, Charity Heartscape, and Brenda Neotenomie

Bellular Hexatosis

Bellular Hexatosis has everything you'd expect from a Porpentine game: garish, neony colours, some wonderful words, and some fantastic world-building. But all that has escaped the confines of the Twine format and been whacked into a Myst-style adventure game. In your quest to cure your sister's illness, you'll explore a weirdly beautiful 3D world, rich with atmosphere and neat little details, and supported with a lovely dreamy soundtrack.

Oases by Armel Gibson and Dziff


I don't think this quite lives up to the intention expressed on the ending title card, but it's a fun little toybox worth messing around with for a few minutes—a wibbly wobbly, mushroomy game-thing, soundtracked by the inimitable Calum Bowen.

Call of Dudley by Poor Track Design

Call of Dudley

A meta first-person adventure set in a stripy labyrinth, one home to a bunch of occasionally ringing phones. Where are you? Who is the person on the other end of the phone? Well, that one isn't a total mystery: he's a dissident who, like you, has been thrown into this virtual telephone prison.

Mirror Lake by Katie Rose

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake randomly generates worlds in a bowl; a new world every couple of minutes, after it's finished evolving the previous one, by growing those trees, and all that fauna, etc etc. These are not worlds you'll interact with in any way, shape or form, but I loved watching them grow before my eyes. This is a beautiful thing, and I wish these worlds would stick around a little longer. Although maybe that's the point.