Free game Sacrifights lets you summon demons so you can beat them up for offal

(Image credit: Tom Sykes)

Am I off the mark in thinking Sacrifights looks like an Amiga game? It's got that higher-resolution detail to the sprites, and the overall cartoony quirkiness that was still in evidence on the machine. In short, it's a breath of fresh air in a sea of NES-looking, PlayStation-looking freebies.

Looks aside, the game is an odd, interesting mix of time management and hectic shooting and dodging action. Living in a dingy room, you've taken it upon yourself to summon a series of violent demons, by sacrificing items in a ritual circle located in your basement. Successfully kill a summoned demon, by dodging their projectiles and by flinging your own towards them, and you'll be given bits of demon offal (which will improve your stats), along with other items you can use to summon yet more monsters.

You have only a week to improve sufficiently before a bigger, badder demon appears, and time ticks down every time you sleep to heal. Can you accrue enough arcane power to defeat the beast in combat? Well, give Sacrifights a go and fight out.

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Tom Sykes

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