Free game Estigma mixes body horror with arcade puzzling action

(Image credit: vikintor)

Seemingly a game set in one of the circles of Hell, Estigma is a fast-paced puzzler where you have to plan a route while avoiding deadly missiles. These missiles include giant eyeballs and big, bloody syringes, each spat out onto the screen by gaping mouths. Meanwhile, the walls that surround you are made of wriggling flesh. Oh, and you have to collect revolving brains, for some reason.

That's Estigma in a nutshell. A big fleshy nutshell. But strip away the aesthetic and there's a pretty familiar puzzle game underneath. Playing don't know, a blob of meat? You have to walk over every tile to finish each stage. Tiles light up when you've stepped on them, and become solid when you step on them a second time, meaning you can only double-back on yourself a little bit. It's simple stuff, but livened up by the timed element, and those missiles that seek you out, putting the pressure on.

If you take too long to finish each clump of stages, you'll have to start them all over again, which is a bit annoying. Still, this is an early, unfinished version of the impressively weird Estigma, and who knows what will change as development rolls along. (Thanks, Alpha Beta Gamer.)

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Tom Sykes

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