Fractal Design’s new Focus G cases are compact and affordable

Fractal Design's new Focus G and Focus G Mini cases live up to their names by bringing your build into focus with large side windows, though the enclosures themselves are relatively compact. They're also affordable—both have an MSRP of $49 (£55).

Starting with the bigger of the two, the Focus G measures 443mm (H) by 464mm (D) by 205mm (W). It supports standard ATX motherboards and components, including graphics cards up to 380mm long, CPU coolers up to 165mm high, and power supplies up to 230mm in length.

Storage options are limited here—there's a dedicated 2.5-inch drive mount on the back of the motherboard tray, plus two drive bays that support your choice of 3.5-inch HDDs or 2.5-inch SSDs. That's not a lot to work with if you like to fill your PC with storage drives. Otherwise, you can maximize the limited storage options by opting for a motherboard that supports M.2 SSDs and fill one of the 3.5-inch bays with a capacious HDD. That leaves you room for two more SSDs, or an HDD and an SSD.

Fractal Design includes a pair of Silent series 120mm fans with white LEDs preinstalled in the front of the case. You can swap those out for 140mm fans if you like. Additional cooling options include two 120mm fan mounts up top, and 120mm fan mounts in the rear and bottom (one each). If you'd rather go the liquid cooling route, you can install up to a 280mm radiator up top (this requires that the bottom 5.25-inch drive bay stays empty), up to a 240mm radiator in the front, and a 120mm in the rear.

As its name suggests, the Focus G Mini is a smaller version of the Focus G. It measures 450mm (W) by 370mm (H) by 195mm (D) and is limited to micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards, though the size and length requirements for the CPU, graphics card, and PSU are the same as the non-Mini.

The number of drive bays is also the same, while the overall cooling situation is very similar—the only difference is you're limited to a 240mm or smaller radiator up front instead of up to a 280mm radiator. Like the regular Focus G, opting for the largest supported liquid cooling radiator means having to leave the bottom 5.25-inch drive bay empty.

The other difference between the two cases comes down to color options. Fractal Design is only offering the Focus G Mini in black with a side window, while the Focus G comes in black, white, blue, and red.

Paul Lilly

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