Fractal Design's Define R6 case is built to suppress noisy components

Once you get over the nerves of building your first PC, you'll quickly discover that rolling your own rig isn't all that difficult. What can be challenging, however, is piecing together a quiet system, which takes a bit more research. Fractal Design aims to make things bit easier with its new Define R6.

The Define R6 is the latest entry in the ongoing Define series. Fractal Design says it's optimized for silence due to sound dampening material found on the inside of the front, top, and side panels. The downside to this approach is that heat can have a tougher time escaping, though to combat this, there are nine fan mounts found throughout the case.

Three fans come with the Define R6, including two 140mm fans in front and another one in the rear. All three are low-noise fans. In addition, builders have a choice between a soundproof steel cover or a filtered, multi-fan ventilation setup in the top panel. Fractal Define refers to this as "ModuVent" technology.

Fractal Design also includes its Nexus+ smart hub, which is mounted behind the motherboard tray and allows for fan control of six additional fans, plus three PWM devices (via your motherboard).

As with previous models, the Define R6 is somewhat modular. Users are able to strip away practically every piece of the case, leaving just the frame. In doing so, builders can choose between a standard layout to take advantage of the total storage capacity, or a more open layout to make room for water cooling kits.

On the topic of storage, the case comes with two 2.5-inch drive brackets and six 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive brackets. Two of the SSDs can be mounted behind the motherboard tray or on top of the PSU shroud.

The Define R6 is available with or without a tempered glass side panel. Without it, the case runs $130 (£120) and comes in black, white, blackout, and gunmetal color options. The model with a tempered glass panel runs a little higher at $150 (£135) and comes in the same color options.

Paul Lilly

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