Forza Horizon 5 players are buying up one crappy jeep by the hundreds to farm money

forza horizon 5 willys jeep
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Forza Horizon 5, a game all about assembling and racing an enviously diverse collection of cars, is getting bombarded by hundreds of the same crappy jeep. Whether you want it or not, you may soon open a barn door in Mexico to find a clunking 1940s Willys Jeep, a gift from a random player taking advantage of a clever trick to farm money and in-game rewards.

As spotted by WindowsCentral, players have figured out that you can indefinitely earn Super Wheelspins (basically a loot box that awards high cash payouts and rare vehicles) by purchasing a cheap vehicle like the Willys Jeep, spending a few points on its upgrade tree to unlock a Super Wheelspin, and repeating the process.

When you look at the potential payout, it's hard to resist stocking up on cut-price Willys: the Jeep costs a measly 40,000 credits, and a single Super Wheelspin is guaranteed to make your money back and more, whether through direct cash prizes or valuable cars. With my first spin, I essentially turned one Willys into three more valuable cars. Had my third prize been one slot higher, I would've made 200,000 credits.

forza horizon 5 willys jeep

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But what are players to do with dozens of unimpressive military jeeps that are unlikely to find any buyers on the auction house? Many are offloading their clunkers on other players using Forza's new gifting feature. Gifting is meant to be a wholesome way to give away a cool car you're not using, but the flood of Willys Jeeps means that you're unlikely to receive anything else right now.

I drove my Willys Jeep to my first gifted car just minutes ago and, lo and behold, it was another damn Willys! Currently there's no way to deny a gift you don't want, so into the garage it went. These were my pre-written options to thank the generous player who sent me their garbage:

forza horizon 5 willys jeep

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Predictably, the Willys Jeep has rapidly become the face of the Forza Horizon subreddit. Some are happily using the exploit to fill their coffers and quickly buy up Horizon's pricest rides, some are a bit miffed at how the Willys is bastardizing the gifting system, and others are simply taking joy in the fact that a novel military jeep from the 1940s is causing such a stir in a game where supercars usually rule the streets.

game_pass_players_receiving_their_first_gift_drop from r/ForzaHorizon

As a non-serious Forza liker, I'm somewhere in the middle. Forza isn't an especially competitive game, so I don't really care if players want to farm their way to millions, but the game already showers players with constant prizes as-is. Every time I visit my garage there are three more cars than the last time I checked. Simply driving around is earning me accolade points that give me wheelspins, loads of money, and cars I don't even want. So to some extent, this exploit feels like eating fistfuls of sugar straight out of the bag.

I hope developer Playground games at least steps in to limit how many jeeps can be sent to players, because I'll probably start ignoring these "gifted" cars until the Willys Jeep craze dies down.


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