Forza Horizon 4's next update will be the last to add new cars and features

Forza Horizon 4's next update will be the last to bring brand new content to the game, though developer Playground Games isn't quite ready to leave its Great British racer behind entirely.

Since launching in 2018, FH4 has been steadily padded out with new content—not just with major expansions like Fortune Island or Lego Speed Champions, but also regular new cars, new modes like the Super7 stunt tracks, photo challenges and more. But in this week's Forza Monthly stream (via VGC), the developer confirmed that Update 37, arriving today, will be the last to add brand new stuff to the game.

"With Forza Horizon 5’s release being our priority over the next few months, we’ve made some changes to Forza Horizon 4’s monthly series updates," said senior producer Tom Butcher.

FH4 support won't disappear entirely, mind. Rather, Butcher explains that future updates will instead attempt to remix and reimagine existing content, as well as return to old updates with all the tools added to the game since—photo challenges, backstage voting, new rewards and so on.

"Starting with Series update 38, players who know the game well will start to see the return of content from Series 7 to 32. Think of it a bit like a mix tape, featuring the return of some of your favourite content combined with recently added new features."

Butcher is less direct when asked if FH4 will continue to see updates past the release of FH5, saying only that "we do plan to make sure Forza Horizon 4 continues to be a fun experience, but we aren’t ready to share exact plans quite yet."

Ditching grim ol' Blighty for the sunny shores of central America, Forza Horizon 5 is taking us to Mexico on November 9, 2021. Jacob reckons it's a truly next-gen looking title, sporting extensive photogrammetry, stellar HDR skyboxes and seasons that bring wild and varied weather conditions to different parts of the map.

Natalie Clayton
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