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Control DLSS 2.0 comparison
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This week on the PC Gamer forum: the community celebrate Control's release on Steam, we've got a new giveaway for a Doom-themed gaming chair, advice on building the perfect PC for a new game, and how we name our characters in RPGs—it's a delicate process. 

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Here are the week's best forum threads:

Control is out on Steam

Control has finally made it's way to Steam after a year of being an Epic Store exclusive. With the supernatural office trasher launching on a new platform, those community members who have been waiting for the Steam release chat about if they're still going to buy it—and if it holds up against Remedy's other games.

I am definitely considering it right now. It looks really interesting and the price seems reasonable for the game + all DLC. Not totally sold for the moment, though.—Ryzengang

It's coming to GOG as well on September 10th. I'll probably buy it there some day. Right now my hardware isn't capable enough to run the game smoothly and I have tons of other games waiting for me. I saw on the gameplays that Control provides a lot of fun in playing heavily with physics. It's interesting to see how you can influence the look of your surroundings. It's probably the biggest advantage of the game.Sarafran

I've been waiting for the Steam release but, even if it showed up there right off the bat, I still would have waited the year to buy it just to give the bugs time to get stomped and extra content to show up.Zloth

Here's the full thread.

Noblechairs Hero DOOM edition gaming chair

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Win an epic DOOM Edition Gaming Chair from noblechairs

We've teamed up with noblechairs to launch a giveaway where you could win an officially licensed DOOM-themed gaming chair. It's a cool looking chair that features a pentagram design and the official Doom logo etched into the PU-leather. If you want to sit in comfort as you shoot demons in the face, you can enter by following the instructions over on the giveaway thread

My current gaming chair is an office chair that is slowly but surely falling apart. The seams keep working themselves apart, and the leather itself is wearing out. It was free, but that's basically the only good thing I can say about it. I could really use a new chair.EdwardTank

My current chair is a 15-year-old job from Argos that's being held together with athletic tape and sat on a crate because the tilt mechanism disintegrated.—Cabe007

Here's a link to the giveaway thread.

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Have you ever held off on playing a game until you've built a new PC?

If you love playing games with the graphics set to eye-melting, it's sometimes best to wait until you've upgraded your PC parts to get the best experience. This thread started by DXCHASE is all about putting games on the back burner until you have the gaming rig you want. Have you ever waited to play a game for the same reason? Let us know in the thread.

I am planning on a new build when the next series of Nvidia cards drop. I have decided to hold off on playing Microsoft Flight Simulator and Red Dead Redemption 2 until that happens. I know RDR is older, but when I saw what it was doing to cards when it hit, I wanted to wait until I had a better system to play it on. Does anyone do this?DXCHASE

I am guilty of this right now. I got RDR2 but since my GTX 970 couldn't run it very well I decided to just wait. And since I am planning to build new PC this year (yes, Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the reasons, but I don't consider this building a new rig just for one game, my current PC is over 5 years old), I just wait for what both Nvidia and AMD will show. And hey, who knows, maybe Intel will stir the GPU market a little as well. In the meantime, I try to not buy any new games and dig a little through my pile of backlogs. Or revisit older gems.OxaX Nymloth

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How do you name RPG characters?

A character creation screen sits before you. You decide on abilities, move the slider the adjust the character's looks, but what do you type into the name option? This week, Jody asks the forum what they name their game characters, a small but monumental decision when playing an RPG. Do you use the name you use for every game, or maybe give yourself a goofy name? Let us know in the thread.

For offline singleplayer games, I usually use my own name (and the names of my friends in case I get to name more than one character). For online games, it's almost always Pifanjr. If I'm in the right mood, for the right game, I might think of something funny, usually some kind of pun.—Pifanjr.

I call every elf character I make Levolor, after the blinds gracing my windows. Everything else I just make up something fantastical or crimp names from history books. I keep a list of good ones.Scalawag

Here's the full thread.

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